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A Few Words About us

Our Mission

To challenge the existing structures and stereotypes in the logistics industry. We will redefine supply chain, warehousing and logistics sector and invest in innovative technology and analytics to improve businesses in terms of profits, efficiency and customer experience.

Our Vision

To become people's number 1 option for logistics & supply chain solutions through innovations and great quality with defined geographical boundaries

Company Overview

Parcelit supply chain solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a veteran of experienced people working in the field for 58+years of cumulative experience in the logistics and decades. Parcelit will benefit from the existing structures laid down in the past by the people founding it.

Parcelit focuses on transparency, technology and innovation when it comes to providing bespoke solutions. Parcelit experience for the clients and customers will be rendered through our homegrown tech and innovative solutions integrated with perpetually updated technology. Parcelit has its presence in all 29 states of the country and operates across 22000+ PIN codes in India. with the capability to reach every doorstep in every village in a state.

Parcelit will provide services and solutions to any and every kind of industry, businesses of all shapes and sizes. It will not affect the quality of the services provides. "A client is a client, big or small doesn't matter."

Our objective is to provide safe, affordable, and quality logistics and supply chain solutions to clients and customers to help them grow their businesses effectively and efficiently.

Leadership Team 

Our Leadership Team brings a wealth of experience along with theirs entrepreneurial insight and visionary approach to Parcelit. Our Leaders is focused on continuing to grow Parcelit towards its “Vision”. They are responsible for the strategic direction and the day-to-day…

Integrity – We Commit to uphold the integrity of the highest order in all our interaction with our customers and people at all times.

Commitment – We are determined to deliver on our commitments every time. We shall go extra mile in doing what we promise.

Openness – We are committed for an open and collaborative approach while working with our customers, partners and people.

Respect – We commit to treat our team members, customers, suppliers and partners with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity.

Passion – We are passionate about winning, solutions and services. We assured to our customers to deliver superior value.

Our Leader Say’s 


Quality Policy

"We deliver with utmost safety and our logistics and supply chain solutions are cost & time efficient without exceptions."

High quality is the number 1 priority in Parcelit's quality management system.

We believe in feedback and always focus on the relationship and cooperation between our customers, suppliers and employees.

Any deviation from the desired quality is dealt with quickly with our quality management system, It is registered and documented to avoid the same mistake in future.

Parcelit invests in innovation and technology to reduce possible errors before they could occur.


  • Shipping Time
  • Order Accuracy
  • Delivery Time
  • Transportation Costs
  • Warehousing Costs
  • Number of Shipments
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Inventory to Sales Ratio

Ship Almost Anything Across Categories

Industries We Work With

Ecommerce, Automobiles, Banking & Finance, Food & Groceries, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical & Pharma and Heavy Machinery & Manufacturing

Industries We Work With

Ecommerce, Automobiles, Banking & Finance, Food & Groceries, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical & Pharma and Heavy Machinery & Manufacturing