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Parcelit: A dream that goes beyond the ordinary

14 Oct


Parcelit: Going beyond the "what is" to "what can be"❓

Parcelit is dedicated to innovating. The transformation of logistics services is gradual and developing. At Parcelit, we hope for a complete evolution. And we are shaping this dream of evolution into reality both from within and without.

Parcelit has a humble beginning as the case always is. Only a handful of visionaries seeking a different approach to logistics services. It❜s the kind of initiative that happens when a handful of people start to feel like misfits in the current stagnant state of an industry. One of the things that are still alive form the early days in the company is that great ideas can come from anyone and at any time. It laid the foundation of what the culture of the company will evolve into.

To keep the innovation alive, the major responsibility was to keep challenging the traditional art and not get comfortable in the first thing that works. We began our journey with only one customer with the knowledge that we had at the time. That one customer gave us enough courage and pushed us to keep an open mind to look for more and do more. With some hiccups and a lot of hit and trials, we managed to come up with a design of a decentralised system. That design was aimed to bring the turnaround time down from weeks to days and from days to hours. It was also designed to reduce the cost while reducing TAT. It can be said that we have lived up to that design so far and it is still evolving.

"Customer loyalty is a virtue earned when you listen to the feedback and innovate solutions while keeping that feedback in mind."

We are a three years young company. We have survived the lockdown. As the country goes through this tough time, we are aware of our social responsibilities. This social responsibility is understood better when you have to keep the jobs alive and keep providing for the people that work for Parcelit tirelessly. Such is the Parcelit culture. We are proud to put together one of the most empowering cultures. We listen to our people, their challenges and feedbacks. We celebrate together and innovate together. Like our motto here at Parcelit, "go beyond", we go beyond not only for customers but for our people too.

In the end, it❛s the customers that make or break a company. We make sure to stay with our clients and customers from their first step onboard till one step further than their last one. With dedicated customer service, a wide variety of efficient logistics services, economical pricing, adequate safety measures and top-quality warehousing, we have covered all the logistics need that one can have or ask for.

Industries We Work With

Ecommerce, Automobiles, Banking & Finance, Food & Groceries, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical & Pharma and Heavy Machinery & Manufacturing

Industries We Work With

Ecommerce, Automobiles, Banking & Finance, Food & Groceries, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical & Pharma and Heavy Machinery & Manufacturing